Carl Severien

Carl Severien is the founder and Chief Instructor of KenZen Self Defence Training & Services. Carl has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and he currently holds a 4th Degree Black Belt. Carl began his martial arts journey at an early age when his mother enrolled him into a Tae Kwon Do school in Sydney back in 1984. Since then Carl has been formally trained in numerous styles including Amateur Boxing, Muay Thai, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Carl began teaching Karate fulltime as a Brown Belt in 1999 until he discovered and made the switch to Shorinji Kempo in 2001. Carl quickly progressed through the ranks and attained his Black Belt in June 2003.

Carl also holds an impressive resume that details an employment history of over 20 years working in various security related roles in both the private and Government sectors. He has held relevant industry and operational positions such as Event Security, Crowd Controller and Bodyguard and he is a former Military Police Corporal. Carl has also been trained in security, public safety and defensive tactics by some of Australia’s best training provider’s including the Attorney-General’s Department’s Protective Security Training College, Defence Police Training Centre, Defence Intelligence Training Centre, Australian Army, RAAF Security and Fire School, and Chubb Training Services. Carl’s tertiary education consists of a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Diploma of Government Security, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Public Safety, Certificate IV in Government Investigations, Certificate IV in Therapeutic Massage, Certificate III in Security Operations, Certificate III in Military Self Defence and he has recently completed a Master of Business Administration through Edith Cowan University. Carl is a qualified Agency Security Advisor, Safety Advisor, QLD Fire Safety Advisor, QLD Licensed Security Advisor, Security Officer, Crowd Controller and Bodyguard and he maintains his First Aid and Blue Card – Working with Children accreditation. Carl is also a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association and he is a certified Coach and qualified Instructor under the industry peak body, Martials Arts Australia. Click on the following link to view Carl's full resume on LinkedIn.

Student Testimonials

Carl's security course was thorough and packed with practical and useful information. He is highly experienced, knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. The role plays were invaluable - when Carl switches to work mode there is no mucking around! In the practical exercises you feel like you're in a real situation and must respond in real-time. Couldn't ask for a better trainer. Donna Michaels


I really enjoyed the security III course you ran, and found you to be an awesome trainer with a lot of experience and healthy outlook on the industry. Anthony Dexter


Hi Carl. thanks for the photo's, and thanks for the course, I learnt a lot. you are a very patient, informative instructor who explains matters clearly and concisely. Adrian Barnett (JP and former Victoria Police Veteran)


Thanks again for providing such a great training. Your real-world experience definitely shone through, as did your passion and professionalism as a trainer. As a mature aged student, your classroom support put me at ease and I knew immediately that I’d made the right choice of trainer. The delivery was focused, engaging and thorough and I felt confident I’d received excellent training and I’d enter the industry as prepared as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering a move into the security industry. Craig Reid


I found your course very informative and one finalisation, job ready. As your student, I believe that your in-depth training and attention to detail were the reason I felt job ready. I could not speak highly enough of yourself and your principals and discipline in life. Denise Meyer


Having done the Security course with Carl Severien was the best step into a new career I ever done. Carl is an amazing trainer and made the course very smooth and easy to understand. He was very helpful all along. Soon after the course finished I gained employment in Security and since than I have collect experience in different areas and about to build further my career in Security :) I can highly recommend to do the course with Carl. Andrea Lavell


Carl Severien, was naturally friendly and personable, but knew how to be authoritive as well. Leading by example, he stepped us through the course ensuring all students were grasping the content and absorbing the necessary information. His method of teaching, assessing, teaching, assessing made progress through the course relatively simple and this cross-checked we were actually learning. His wealth of real-world security experience meant he was able to reinforce the content that we were learning. His abilility to adjust to a varied group of students meant his delivery of course content was never boring. His strong knowledge of the topic ensured all student questions were easily addressed and solid examples provided where necessary. His leadership skills were evident, and I personally benefited from his reassuring manner. I highly recommend this course. Garry Huggett


The Security Course I did with Carl Severien , The first day I though ok this is going to be crap, But I was wrong Carl is a such a nice guy. I get stressed out doing courses but Carl helps you so much if you get stuck on some thing he will stop the class and help you which was great. And believe me I got stuck a few times. I really though I was going to failure the course but Carl was so helpful and yes I did pass. I ran into Carl at the Institute when he was in a class and he saw me and he came out of the class and have a chat to me for a couple of minutes which I was surprised buy. I hope Carl all the best in the future, when I have to ever have to redo my Security licence I hope I get Carl again. Craig Workman




Carl was the complete instructor. A man of vast experience and knowledge of the security industry. He was an excellent communicator, active listener and person who by his approach and mannerism gained respect and admiration from all the class. Carl inspired us all with his calmness and decisiveness and in his ability as a leader to quickly gel us into a team. Carl made the course interesting and once completed I had a great insight and understanding of the security industry. Trevor Jones


I started the security course back July 2016, on the First day I met Carl Severein the instructor of the Course , he guided me into where the course was going to be held for the next 15 days. Carl is a great instructor and helps you if you get stuck finding the Right Answers which was great because I honestly thought I was going to fail the course, I learnt a lot from Carl and what it takes to be Security guard, Since completing my Certificate III in Security I've gained employment with a couple of company's and gained a lot of experience and taken my experience to every event or Venue I work. I highly Recommend Carl Severien. Luke Turner


I found the course to be very informative & extensive. There was a lot to learn & Carl provided good-interesting cover of all the subjects.I feel that it set me up with confidence to tackle a job in the Security Industry. Wayne Baxter.


I really enjoyed the Security course due to the fact that there are few teachers that actually engage with the class and take pride in their profession. I learnt a lot from Carl as well as my peers and will recommend this course and take future courses with Carl. Patryk Opara


The trainer, Carl, had a wealth of security experience and happily shared this with his students. This is not a course for the faint-hearted, or someone who wants their qualifications out of a ‘Wheaties box, and your hard work will be rewarded with an advanced set of skills and qualifications you can take with confidence into your new career. Robyn Burrows


I would like to thank you for the security course training I did with you In 2016. I think the course was very thorough in all aspects. I really enjoyed the empty hand technique and the radio communication training. It gave me good knowledge and understanding of what to expect. Thanks again Carl. Cody Whelan



I never thought I could complete any course, but with the right trainer like Carl giving you the support you need and the positive environment I did. It was fun and made you want to go everyday. Carl used many ways in which to pass on his knowledge to us.
He is a nice guy and has a lot of knowledge about the security industry.
I look forward to what the future holds. Whitney green



I found Carl an amazing ‘mentor’ as well as a trainer and very professional in the way he conducted the 3 week Security III course. He answered all your questions with so much knowledge and from his own experience. Carl creates teamship between his students and we had fun along the way. Many thanks Carl for making the course so enjoyable. Sandra Robb


Last year I had the amazing opportunity to commence a Certificate III in Security with Carl Severien. Carl proved to be an amazing trainer always ready to lend a helping hand to those who needed it. He had a lot of amazing experience in both Policing and Security and he never hesitated to bring forth his background to help us gain some further understanding. Not only did this help us with understanding the syllabus, it also provided an astounding insight of what we can expect in the Security industry further down the track, furthermore it made the course much more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Carl as a Security trainer! Daniel Mastrorillo


My experience within the course was great! I truly did not expect to learn anything to the amount of detail that I did. Both theory and practical training was on the ball at all times. All units of learning were made very clear and I was able to gain an amazing amount of knowledge within the security business. This course is spectacular. I could not have had a better instructor than Carl, he was precise and straight to the facts, no playing games. Whilst being very serious about training and asserting in the correct way within the security business, he was also a very kind and caring person. He gave immediate help where ever it was needed and loved to have a laugh and a bit of fun to balance out the tough study moments. Carl came across as a very knowledgable trainer and knew exactly what he was doing at all times. All together he made the course terrific and if I could go back and have him as a teacher in high school and learn to the ability that I did within this course, I would do it in a heart beat. Awesome training provider. Christos Kenenounis


A very structured and thorough course. Our teacher was excellent !!! He expressed himself in such manner it was easy for all of us to understand. He also gave all of us a chance to ask questions and discuss different topics. Great real life scenarios where teacher interacted with us, explaining what we did right or wrong. Great course and alot of fun! Carina Gintner


Hey Carl, last night I saved 18 month old boy by performing CPR. He was blue and not breathing so you can be proud of your student. I will tell you the full story when I see you. Very important for your students to also focus on this part of the course. Thanks mate. Seweryn Walewski


Just want to thank you for everything you have done for me you have no idea how much I appreciate it! Last night a crack head slashed my face with his pipe and without your training I wouldn’t have been able to defend myself and restrain him for the police. Zac Foster